My First Whole30 – What I Ate Every Single Day

The Whole30 always seemed appealing because of the dozens of health benefits that come with the completion of the program; I also love a meaningful challenge, so I thought this would be the perfect thing to try. I thought about doing it on multiple different occasions, but was looking for just the right time. I decided on December 30th that I would start on January 1st of this year. I already had the book, so I read the foreword and skimmed the rest and got the motivation for this next adventure.

You will find that my Whole30 ended up being 32 days because of an accidental slip-up on the second day (non-compliant chicken sausage). I took pictures of every meal, and documented my thoughts and feelings, workouts, water, and snacks for each day. I included a calendar which summarizes my January Whole30 day-by-day:

One of my main concerns was variety during the Whole30; I didn’t want to eat chicken, broccoli, and potatoes every day. My experience ended up being the opposite, and I found myself eating MORE variety than usual. I completed the Whole30 on chicken, turkey, and seafood because I do not eat other meats by preference. The hardest part ended up being the planning and preparation stage; it is vital to meal plan and prepare “emergency food” just incase you get super hungry because your body is adjusting. By the end, I felt SO much more comfortable in the kitchen. I cooked every meal for myself because my family did not want to participate, and bettered myself because of that experience. The second hardest part of this experience for me was just label reading; I stressed myself out on multiple occasions just making sure the ingredients were in fact compliant with the rules and guidelines of the Whole30. My best friend completed a few Whole30’s, and she was my savior during this because I always had questions on whether or not something was compliant.

I have included pictures of an example day of my meals using January 26th:

Meal 1: Breakfast
Meal 2: Lunch
Meal 3: Dinner


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