February 2019

This is my calendar for February 2019; I have included every single workout, ounce of water, and meal/snack I ate this month. Overall, this month has been exciting. Health-wise for me, I am coming off of the Whole30. As you can see in my January calendar which is under My First Whole30 blog post, I detailed every meal, workout, and ounce of water for that month. Post-Whole30, my goal was to feel just as good mentally and physically; I felt very successful with this goal this month. As far as food, I decided not to restrict myself from anything; however, I am only eating foods that make my body feel good. As Melissa Hartwig-Urban says, I am working on mastering my food freedom. While this is definitely a journey, February made me feel confident about what I am putting in my body. You can check out my calendar below:

One of my biggest goals for this month post-Whole30 was to eliminate any kind of unnecessary snacking. I ate a few snacks here and there, but overall I was pretty consistent in planning meals; however, I always ate when I was hungry. In the process of trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle without any specific restrictions, I feel more confident in my decisions and my body feels better overall. Physically, I have also noticed more energy and therefore more effectiveness of my workouts.

I hope this post gives you more insight on my fitness and health schedule; I really enjoy making these calendars because they keep me accountable, so I hope you enjoy them as well!


julia grace

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