My Go-to Meals/Snacks (Whole30)

Throughout my monthly calendars, you will notice a lot of repetition in what I am eating. I have a lot of quick go-to meals, most of which are Whole30/Paleo. I am not super picky on brand names/labels, but I do have some favorites. I will include the link to each blog post for recipes for each of these! Here is a list of my favorite recipes/meals:

Chicken Tenders: As you can probably tell by my monthly wellness calendars, I eat these a lot; the only two meats I eat are chicken and turkey, and I love chicken tenders. Click on this link for the full recipe.

Buffalo Chicken tenders: These are really good with Sir Kensington’s ranch. It provides a nice spicy twist to the regular chicken tender, and actually offers a lot of variety. Click on this link for the full recipe.

French fries: These are the perfect side dish for chicken tenders, a sandwich, or any other finger food! They taste like the real thing in the air fryer, and are so simple! Click on this link for the full recipe.

Smoothie: I make this smoothie for breakfast, a snack, and on-the-go. I love all of the ingredients in this smoothie. It has a sweeter taste, but it isn’t too strong. Click on this link for the full recipe.

Sweet Potato Boats: If you’re looking for something to pair with the smoothie for breakfast, these are your answer. It is the perfect pair for a filling, easy breakfast. If you needed to eat in your car on the way to school/work, this is perfect! Throw these in a container with your smoothie in hand and you have the perfect filling car–breakfast combination. Click on this link for the full recipe.

Egg Muffins: These are really convenient to prepare for the upcoming week. If you couldn’t tell already, I love on-the-go foods. These have protein inside them, so you wouldn’t really need anything extra to go along with them. Click on this link for the full recipe.

I hope you enjoy these recipes; I know they helped me a lot during my Whole30, so let me know if they help you as well!


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