Trip Diary: 2019 March 8-13 Disney Cruise

March 7, 2019

Afternoon: After getting home from school, I packed. I was able to fit all of my belongings in a carry-on suitcase, and labeled each outfit in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag by day. We left for the airport around 5:30 P.M.

Evening: After landing at 11 PM, we headed to pick up the rental car. The company we used was Budget Car Rental. It wasn’t very efficient at all; we ended up getting to our hotel in Miami at 1:30 A.M.

March 8, 2019

Morning: Our hotel didn’t include breakfast, so we stopped at Subrageous, a local restaurant about a 2-minute walk from the hotel. The food was fantastic, and the prices were extremely reasonable. We dropped the car off in the city, and Budget shuttled us to the port.

Afternoon: After our boarding group was called, we were welcomed onto the Disney Magic for our voyage ahead. We headed straight for lunch in Cabanas, the buffet onboard. Our bags were waiting for us at our room once it was ready, so we were able to unpack and organize our belongings in our stateroom. I went to the pool and had another snack at Duck-in Diner, one of the quick service counters on Deck 9. As always, the safety drill began at 4P.M. with the sailing away party directly following it. The Disney Magic ship horn played the theme from “When You Wish Upon a Star” as we sailed away from the port.

Evening: Our first dining experience was at Animator’s Palate. I enjoyed a chicken and walnut salad for my appetizer and a lemon thyme chicken for my main course. We had early dining, so we reported to our dining room at 5:45PM. At 8:30P.M., we went to the Walt Disney Theatre for Twice Charmed. We’ve seen this show before, and it was very good; however, it isn’t my favorite. At the conclusion of the show, Captain Marvel was playing at 10:30 P.M. in the Walt Disney Theatre. This was opening night around the world, so the theatre was pretty full. I really enjoyed this movie, as did the rest of the audience in our theatre.

March 9, 2019

Morning: We started our morning in Cabanas for breakfast. Our first destination on this voyage was Key West, Florida. At 8:45 A.M., we reported to the Walt Disney Theatre to check in for our excursions. At around 10:20 A.M., we sailed and arrived at our snuba diving site. Snuba diving is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving; you do not need to worry about controlling your source of air underwater. The only downside to snuba diving is being tethered to the raft holding all of the diving cylinders. I felt really restrained when I was trying to swim freely throughout the ocean. I also scraped my leg pretty badly on a coral. Other than that, I really enjoyed my experience. I took my GoPro HERO7 Black with my underwater housing device and red light filter with me underwater. At around 12:30 P.M., we sailed back to land and docked at 1 P.M.

Afternoon: We ate lunch in Cabanas as soon as we got back from our excursion. They had a wonderful chicken pad Thai dish with egg noodles that I enjoyed. Each day, there is a different theme to the buffet in Cabanas. The chicken pad Thai dish was exclusive to that theme of the day. After finishing lunch, we walked around Key West and returned to the ship around 3PM. Tangled was showing on the Funnel Vision when we got back, so I lounged by the pool and watched that movie.

Evening: At 5:45PM, we headed to Rapunzel’s Royal Table for dinner. I had shrimp for my appetizer and roasted chicken for my main course. I also had the birthday cake sundae for dessert. On the menu, there is a different sundae for dessert for each themed dining experience; there are also other themed desserts that vary depending on the dining night. Fitting with our dinner, we attended Tangled: The Musical in the Walt Disney Theatre at 8:30 P.M.

March 10, 2019

Morning: It was daylight savings time, so we lost one hour of sleep. Of course, we started our day in Cabanas for a help-yourself buffet breakfast. Our meeting station for our excursion was in O’Gills Pub; we were scheduled for the Catamaran Sail and Snorkel in Nassau, Bahamas.

Afternoon: My favorite excursion during the entire cruise was the snorkel. I brought my own mask and snorkel for all of the excursions, so the only thing I borrowed that day was a pair of fins. The water was crystal clear, so I was able to get footage without the red filter on the GoPro HERO7 Black. I even got a video and some pictures of a sea turtle. I love watching and swimming with the sea life in their natural habitat, and catching what I am able to on film without sacrificing the authenticity of the moment. We ate lunch in Cabanas around 1:30 P.M., and then watched Tarzan on the Funnel Vision. The Funnel Vision was perfect because I was able to relax and tan by the pool while watching movies.

Evening: At 5:45 PM, our dinner was in Rapunzel’s Royal Table for Pirate Night. The menu was themed for Pirate Night, so we finished up just in time for the fireworks on Decks 9 and 10. After the show and dance party with fireworks, JunNK was performing in the Walt Disney Theatre at 8:30PM. JunNk is a percussion and comedy act that performed on the ship with things you would typically find in a junkyard. Their act was quite entertaining. After the show, we headed back to our stateroom and went to bed.

March 11, 2019

Morning: Our day at sea was themed as a Marvel Day at Sea; we were able to sleep in and wake up a little later because we didn’t have anything scheduled for the day. We didn’t schedule the cruise specifically for this day at sea, so we weren’t planning to do any of the activities. Surprisingly, we ended up going to a lot of the events for the day once we ate breakfast in Cabanas. At 10:30 AM, we went to Marvel Origins, which was in the Buena Vista Theatre; this explained many of the characters and the beginnings of the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At 11:15 A.M., we went to Marvel Trivia in O’Gills Pub. We did it for fun, and lost terribly, but it was enjoyable seeing all of Marvel’s biggest fans being put to the test. One of my favorite things on every cruise is the Little Hero Dash, which is when they race babies on Deck 3. It is adorable and draws quite a crowd, which it did yet again at 11:45 A.M. that morning.

Afternoon: After the Little Hero Dash, we decided to eat lunch in Lumiere’s. Lumiere’s offers a sit-down atmosphere, which we usually don’t do because we like the casual feel and pace of Cabanas; however, we decided to dine there that day because we had nothing on the schedule. It was very good, they offered all that they do at dinner on a lunch menu: appetizers, soup and salad, entrees, and desserts. I ordered a turkey burger and a sundae, so lunch ended up moving along pretty quickly anyway. At 1:15P.M., we watched the Marvel Costume Celebration on Deck 3. It was full of adorable little kids in costumes dressed as Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and more. There weren’t many activities that caught our eye during that time, as we were playing the day by ear. Instead of staying inside, I went to Deck 9 to watch the Funnel Vision and relax by the pool. At 3:45 P.M., we went to Meet the Marvel Masters with Robbie Raymond. This was in the Buena Vista Theatre, and was really fascinating; Raymond is the voice actor for Spider Man on Disney XD, and other video games. He shared his personal experiences and career journey, as well as some tips he had for making it in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. After that, we caught the last five minutes of the Journey Into the Mystic Arts with Doctor Strange. From what we saw, the elementary aged kids enjoyed it. It was geared toward very young children.

Evening: After showering and purchasing a Marvel Day at Sea t-shirt, we went to the themed dinner at Lumiere’s. Dinner was finished in time for the Mickey and Friends Super Hero Celebration on the Deck 9 stage. At 8 PM, the Star Spangled USO Show featured Captain America in Fathoms. We really enjoyed the music and entertainment during this production. At 8:30 P.M., we stayed in Fathoms for the Marvel Super Fan Challenge. It was really fun to see all of the biggest fans going head-to-head. At 9 P.M., we watched Marvel Trivia and then went to Marvel Comic Academy to draw Groot at 9:30 PM. The best part of the entire night was at 10:15 P.M. on Deck 9; Marvel Heroes Unite was a show with fireworks and all of the main characters featuring superheroes and villains. The production was phenomenal, even for a non-Marvel fan.

March 12, 2019

Morning: Our last full day was spent in Castaway Cay. My mom ran the 5k on the island in the morning. We all ate breakfast in Cabanas at different times and then met up to walk off the ship. At 11 A.M., I did an impromptu Stingray adventure. I fed and snorkeled with the Stingrays for about an hour. I went over to snorkel in the cove after the excursion was finished, but the water was very cloudy and the clarity was low. We went back to the stateroom after that so I could wash my hair, and I got some steak fries in Cabanas and headed back out.

Afternoon: I went gluten free the entire cruise, so my lunch was preordered at Cookies on Castaway Cay. On the island, there are two choices for lunch: Cookies and Cookies Too. They encourage you to spend the day on their private island, and some of the serving team was on the island helping with the buffet lunch, as well. At both Cookies and Cookies Too, there is a buffet-style lunch, including ribs, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, corn bread, banana bread, fruit, chips, and ice cream. After lunch, we did our scheduled parasailing excursion at 2:30 PM. The total length of the experience was only about 30 minutes, with 5 minutes of that time being up in the air. We relaxed on the beach until about 4 P.M. when we boarded the ship-

Evening: I watched Toy Story 2 on the Funnel Vision until 5 P.M. and then went to Lumiere’s for dinner at 5:45 P.M.. The dinner was the regular dining room menu; Pirate Night and Marvel Day at Sea were the only two that included themed menus. At 8:30 P.M., Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic, played in the Walt Disney Theatre. All of the main Disney characters and movies were featured in a story of hope and magic. My mom ordered room service because it is included on the ship once we got back to the room, and packed the bags so we would be ready early the next morning to disembark.

March 13, 2019

Morning: I woke up at 6:20 A.M. for breakfast in Lumiere’s at 6:45 A.M. Debarkation was soon after that, so we said goodbye to the ship and waited for the shuttle for our rental car. We had a day in Miami before flying home, which we spent at Lincoln Mall. We were ready to come home, and wished we would have booked an earlier flight. After the mall, we went to lunch at a Mexican place and visited a Trader Joe’s. I got sick, so we picked up a Pepto Bismol at Walgreens and drove to the airport. We arrived at home around 10 P.M. and were excited to get back into our regular routines.

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