March 2019

This month, we traveled to the Bahamas on the Disney Magic. I wrote about this trip in a diary on my most recent post, which I linked here. Overall, it was a fantastic vacation. I logged every meal I ate while onboard the cruise ship, but didn’t document my reaction to these foods.

March 2019 Wellness Calendar:

My stomach did not handle the food on the cruise well at all; I felt sick most nights after major meals. It could’ve been worse, but I felt bloated and low on energy in comparison to when I am following my normal routine. I decided to go gluten free, so I filled out the allergen/food sensitivity form prior to boarding the ship. I also let our serving team know on the first night at dinner. I tried this for the first time to see how my body would react; needless to say, it didn’t go as planned. I felt that the gluten free food had more stomach irritants than the regular food: butter, salt, additives, etc. This was my personal opinion, and a conclusion I made based off of my personal experiences with food on this particular cruise.

Overall, this month was very productive. I am continuing to eat foods that agree with my stomach, which means limiting the amounts of certain types of foods. My workout schedule hasn’t fluctuated much over the months; I try to stay consistent, but not to stress when I don’t get a workout in as planned. March was very eventful, but I am very excited to see what April has in store.


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