April 2019

This past month was very eventful with fitness events and various personal commitments: Easter, BARRE 6 Initial Training, and finding a college roommate to name a few.

I attended my first Les Mills Initial Training. This was in New Jersey, and I worked through the first step of the process for getting my BARRE teacher certification. Most of my focus towards the end of the month was devoted to memorizing BARRE 6; I have linked my recent post which explains more about BARRE and why I’m working towards attaining a certification.

Overall, I incorporated more grains into my diet as it felt good to my body. I kept consistency in my workouts; although, I focused mostly on BARRE 6 towards the end of April. My wellness calendar shows my eating and exercising tendencies for this month:

There were a few staple foods for this month that I have relied on heavily: dave’s killer bread French toast, chipotle chicken with basmati rice, grilled chicken and Mac & cheese, and protein pancakes with banana and chocolate chips. As far as my favorite individual foods and products, I have stayed consistent: AppleGate turkey bacon, fresh chicken, eggs, spinach, blueberries, Fuji apples, dave’s bread, Aldi’s Mac & cheese, Trader Joe’s protein pancake mix, and Kodiak pancake mix.

I also tried CBD oil for the first time this month, and have incorporated that into my daily routine as well. My skincare routine has been nonexistent but effective; I’ve been rinsing my face with regular water and drying with a washcloth on occasion.

I hope you all had a fantastic April!


julia grace

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