Les Mills: My Story and Overview

Over the past five years, I have taken a variety of Les Mills group fitness classes. The brand offers strength, cardio, dance, and flexibility inspired workouts in 30, 45, and 60-minute formats. When I trained for my three half-marathons, I used these classes as conditioning to supplement my training schedule. During cross country and track seasons, I stayed consistent with taking Les Mills classes for the same reasons.

My experience with Les Mills group fitness classes has only ever been positive; I knew I would eventually want to become a certified instructor because of this. I wrote a paper reviewing the science and research behind these classes and came across a facility called Fitology located in State College. Fitology is a research lab within a fitness studio, and it offers unlimited Les Mills classes.

After accepting my offer to PSU at University Park, I contemplated the idea of teaching at Fitology. I decided to work for my certification in BARRE after weighing a few different program options. BARRE seemed to be the best fit to my personality, athleticism type, and schedule allowances.

Each Les Mills program is titled along with the release number. BARRE is a ballet-inspired program that improves strength, flexibility, and incorporates a lot of cardio work. Overall, it is a great conditioner for the body. BARRE 6 signifies the 6th release of BARRE, which is my training release. This is the release that I worked on learning, memorizing, and scripting to coach (teach).

Preparing for my BARRE 6 Initial Training meant allowing time to memorize the 30-minute format and prepare my assigned track to coach. Each Les Mills program is choreographed to music. The different songs correspond to different tracks of the specific release. I was assigned to coach track 2 the weekend of my training. For a more in-depth review of each day of training, and how I prepared, I wrote another blog post in the form of a Trip Diary.


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