My Detailed Review of Tauck Bridges: A Guided Family Tour Company

Earlier this month, we traveled to Europe for the first time. After speaking with our travel agent about a few different options, we decided to go with Tauck. Our experience with Tauck Bridges, their family tour division, was outlined in my previous post. There are multiple factors that led to and confirmed the decision to travel with Tauck: price comparability, itinerary, convenience, accommodations, service caliber, and overall experience.

Price Comparability

The price difference between Tauck and other travel companies with similar lengths of stay, and location destinations was significant. The initial price was much higher through Adventures by Disney, and gratuities were not included through this company, either. We also looked at Trafalgar, which included optional add-on experiences. The convenience of knowing there were no additional ‘add-ons’ with Tauck was a major deciding point in travel companies. The only thing that required an additional cost was the choice to lengthen the stay at the beginning or end of the trip, which we decided against. All experiences, transfers, and gratuities were provided with Tauck.


The detailed list of experiences, and precise itinerary provided before, during, and after our trip was unlike any other group we reviewed. After deciding on a trip to Europe, we tossed around a few different country ideas. We were not interested in going on a guided tour that consisted only of museums, walking, and art galleries; instead, we wanted to be immersed in the culture of the new countries. With Tauck, the itinerary met all of our cultural and adventure-focused needs: hiking, rock climbing, water sports, outdoor activities, and food and drink demonstrations and tastings.


At the beginning of our journey, we were greeted by our driver with a Tauck sign to transfer us to our first hotel. Every airport, hotel, and country transfer was taken care of for us with ease. When the weather was inclement and required a change of itinerary, we didn’t have to worry about any of the details; a new adventure of equivalent caliber awaited us without a single thought on our behalf. Each time we travelled to a new location, our bus driver followed; this eased the transitions and allowed us to leave belongings on the bus that we didn’t need for certain adventures.


Overall, the quality of the hotels were the best I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Each hotel room and method of transportation was clean, well-serviced, and provided an extra layer of comfort. It wasn’t difficult to be amazed by each new country because we were greeted with 5-star hotels night after night. The bathroom and sleeping arrangements were the cleanest and highest quality we’ve ever experienced in all of our travels. Breakfast was my favorite meal throughout the trip because of the quality of the complementary breakfasts at each hotel; this was the best breakfast food I’ve tasted away from home.

Service Caliber

Our tour guide was enthusiastic and light-hearted while still maintaining unparalleled attention to detail and decisiveness that made our journey go as smoothly as possible. On each bus ride, she offered us insight on our new location with facts, personal experiences, and jokes, depending on what we requested. We traveled to a water adventure park in Austria, and she had towels delivered from our hotel to the park. Some of our meals consisted of pre-set menus; we were advised of the selections beforehand and were given the opportunity to choose what we would like.

Overall Experience:

During each bus ride and dinner, seats were assigned throughout our adventures to ensure that everyone got to know each other. This was a clever and effective way of meeting our travel mates and gaining friendships by the end of the tour.

I highly recommend Tauck for your next nationally or internationally guided tour. The family branch, Tauck Bridges, provided opportunities for all children and teens to connect throughout the trip. Tauck exceeded all of our expectations, and are excited to travel with them again someday.


julia grace

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