July 2019

Compared to June, this month was much less busy. We took our last vacation for the summer, and I completed my four scuba dives needed to fulfill the PADI Open Water Diver Certification. As far as consistency goes, I ate a lot of my go-to meals that are quick and easy to put together: turkey burgers, chicken, and air fryer potatoes. I wasn’t at the gym as much this month, so I did some Les Mills On Demand workouts.

I have attached my wellness calendar below:

Most of our spare time was spent at appointments and running errands in an effort to get everything done before college move-in day. There were a lot of random but necessary events this month; I was checking off my to-do list! I will be posting a trip diary for California, as well as a diary for my scuba diving weekend. One word to encapsulate July: productive.


julia grace

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