August 2019

This month is finally coming to an end after transitioning into life away from home. There was a lot of time spent towards the beginning of August in preparation for college move-in day: purchasing, organizing, and packing every necessary item. Other than figuring out all of the logistics of move-in day, I focused on spending as much quality time with family and friends as possible this month.

My wellness calendar will show that up until the last week, I stayed fairly consistent with meals and workouts. Now, I’m trying to figure out what this new stage of life will look like with those two aspects in mind. My daily responsibilities so far have led me to walk a few miles a day just around campus. Other than that, I haven’t had time to devote to workout on my own or do any Les Mills programs. As I begin the second week of college starting September 1, I hope to start to get into more of a consistent routine.

I have attached my wellness calendar for the month of August below:

I will be updating the blog with more college-related posts in the near future.


julia grace

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