September 2019

Transitioning into college life was fast and abrupt. I didn’t have much time to think about being homesick because I was so busy within the Smeal College of Business. Most of my time outside of class was demanded by two very selective business programs: an intensive 10-week consulting program and an enrichment program that focused on networking opportunities, leadership experiences, and specialized coursework. Admittance to both programs required an extensive application; the second also required a behavioral/technical interview.

I didn’t have any built-in time specifically devoted to working out or going to the gym. Instead, I was able to log daily walking miles. Fortunately, the campus structure encouraged a lot of walking; I took these opportunities to clear my mind in the beautiful fresh air.

My meals were limited to the options provided in the dining halls and the groceries I occasionally bought at a local Trader Joe’s. This was the biggest and most difficult adjustment; my body was used to cooking and eating healthy meals prepared at home before I left for college.

I have attached my Wellness Calendar for the month below:

Thank you so much for following along.


julia grace

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