Trip Diary – NYC Day Trip

Sunday – February 16, 2020

Morning: We usually take a bus trip to NYC if we’re going for the day, but we decided to try it on our own this time. We left our house at 8:30 a.m. to start the drive to the city. Our estimated arrival time was 11:08 a.m.; we arrived at our reserved parking spot by 11:20 a.m. The spot was reserved through Parking Panda for $19 for the entire day.

Afternoon: The walking distance from our car to the theatre was only a few blocks, so we decided to get a lay of the land and walk to the theatre before lunchtime. Hell’s Kitchen is close to the Theatre District, so we walked to Bare Burger and were seated at noon. I ordered a turkey burger and waffle fries from the kids menu; the restaurant was clean, family friendly, and reasonably priced. The location was also very convenient. Subway fares for the day were not worth it when compared to the amount of money saved by walking instead. We spent an hour at Bare Burger and walked to Schmackary’s for dessert at 1 p.m. The cookies were delicious, but the seating area is limited. We still had some time before the show, so we walked to Times Square and looked around the Disney Store.

Evening: SIX started at 3 p.m., so we arrived 30 minutes early to enter the Brooks Atkinson Theatre and find our seats. The preview shows started on Thursday; we ordered the tickets through Ticketmaster for preview weekend. The show ended at 4:20 p.m.; it was short, but it was a phenomenal show with an even better message of female empowerment. I highly recommend seeing SIX! After the show, we walked to Loft to look around and then walked back to the car to drive home. We left the city at 5:30 p.m. and pulled into our driveway at 9:30 p.m.

Our NYC vacation in December helped us navigate the city and made it much easier to plan out a quick day trip. Booking through Parking Panda ended up being much more efficient and much cheaper than using a bus company; for reference, the roundtrip route used 1/2 a tank of gas and required tolls. We decided to purchase our Broadway tickets in advance because of our short timeframe; however, I’m sure it is possible to get tickets through a same day purchase. Overall, we had a wonderful time and will definitely be back to explore more of New York City!


julia grace

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